Our Process

The County Line growing process ensures that our plants are given the very best care possible!


Selecting only the best plants.

At County Line we are dedicated to quality. Our unique growing process entails the best upkeep and nurturing for your future plants. We have over 60 lush acres of land extending over two locations for production of the finest woody ornamentals and containerized trees.

We begin our growing process by taking the highest quality plants to create new ones in a process called propagation. We do this by using the best graftings, cuttings, and seeds to produce landscape plants of the highest caliber. By using this propagation method we can ensure healthy plants, because we know where they came from.

Plant Liner Grading:

Laying the groundwork.

After choosing our finest plants, we grade our liners. The careful process of grading our liners leads to more lush and healthier plants. This step involves looking inside the crown of the tree, at the trunk form, to determine which specific liners should be used.
After inspecting the trunks, we classify branch arrangement so that the lining is perfect for each tree. Since we produce over 50 varieties of palms, trees, and shrubs, it is important to us that we customize the growing process for each individual plant.

Plant Monitoring:

Ensuring proper growth.

Our staff is what really makes our process different from others. To ensure proper growth, we take all of the necessary precautions, like selecting original seeding plants and grading each one that we grow. We coordinate all pruning schedules specifically for each type of plant, and we scout our plants regularly to identify and eliminate pests.

Product Shipping:

Quality Care, from our facility to your garden.

We want to ensure that the plants you purchase from County Line meet the highest quality standards. All of our orders flow through our expert production manager to verify that only the finest selection of material meets shipping approval. If a customer needs something that we don’t have, orders can be sourced from other approved vendors.

All of our material is loaded out of Mt. Dora, Florida. We maximize freight capacity with the ability to load full trailers with trees, shrubs, and container palm. By loading several products on the same truck we cut your freight cost.

Currently we are serving garden centers and re-wholesale nurseries throughout the southeast. No job is too big or small for us to complete, no matter what plant pallet it demands!

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